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Exchange service for your welding torches

Are you experiencing a lot of hassle around keeping your welding torches in operation? They break quickly and repair is not cheap. Buying new welding torches is even more expensive and completely unsustainable. When ordering replacement materials, you should also pay attention that you do not suddenly run out. Your broken welding torches are worth money and with our welding torch exchange service we offer you the solution!

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The benefits of the exchange service

The welding torch exchange service offers the following benefits:

  • Easily save on your costs
  • Unburdening repairs or replacement
  • You are always provided with welding torches
  • Ordered today, delivered tomorrow
  • The most sustainable solution
How the exchange service works

With our exchange service you weld with completely overhauled welding torches based on a Binzel / TBI system. This at a cost that is even lower than with repair and with even more convenience than when buying new welding torches every time. To top it off, it is also the most sustainable solution.

The exchange system consists of three steps:

  1. You buy from us a complete package of 5 welding torches including the necessary consumables. You get the same warranty as on new welding torches.

  2. We deliver the package within 1 working day including a box where you can put broken welding torches. This includes the necessary consumables so that you no longer have to order them separately.

  3. When you need new welding torches, order a new package from us. We deliver this within 1 working day. Automatically we come a day later to pick up the box with broken welding torches.

This service package applies to the Binzel and TBI system brands and is intended for water-cooled (401 and 501) and gas-cooled (MB25) welding torches. The supplied consumables fit the brands Binzel and TBI. Broken torches we receive are completely overhauled so that they are as good as new. In this way, we minimize the waste flows and thus contribute to the circular economy together. Read the FAQ for more information about the welding torch exchange service.

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The contents of the complete package

The welding torch package consists of:

  • 5 x Welding torches with a cable length of 4 meters
  • Includes free shipping and collection of the welding torches

The consumables package for water-cooled (401 and 501) welding torches consists of:

  • 10 x Gas nozzles conical
  • 10 x Gas distributors
  • 10 x Tip holders M8
  • 50 x Tip M8 - Thread diameter of your choice
  • Includes free shipping

The consumables package for gas-cooled (MB25) welding torches consists of:

  • 10 x Gas nozzles conical
  • 10 x Tip holders / Gas distributors
  • 50 x Tip M6 - Thread diameter of your choice
  • Includes free shipping
The contents of the complete package
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