MIG / MAG welding machine

All MIG / MAG welding machines at Lastechniek Rijnmond have a 2-year warranty . In addition, we arrange a replacement MIG / MAG welding machine for free during the first 5 years when you buy your welding machine from us. And then we also offer a lowest price guarantee on all MIG / MAG welding machines.

A MIG / MAG welding machine is suitable for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum. MIG / MAG welding machines are mainly used because of their speed and versatility.

Automig 183 Welding deviceIn stock
Omega BASIC 550 S Welding machineIn stock
Omega Yard 300In stock
Omega BASIC 400 S Welding machineIn stock
Omega BASIC 550 C Welding deviceIn stock
Automig 223 Welding deviceIn stock

Difference CO2 welding machine and a MIG / MAG welding machine

What is the difference between CO2 welding and a MIG / MAG welding machine ? There is no difference between a CO2 welding machine and a MIG / MAG welding machine. In the professional world there is often talk of a MIG / MAG welding machine, while there are spoken about CO2 welding machines.

Lowest price guarantee

At Lastechniek Rijnmond we can always guarantee you the lowest price. This applies to both our welding materials and the machines. And were we allowed to sit down after all? No fear, you will receive the difference with the next order with a gift for the inconvenience.

Welding with a MIG / MAG welding machine

Welding with a MIG / MAG welding machine. What do you need? First you need the welding machine yourself. In addition, you need a welding wire and a gas bottle with protective gas. It is important to think about your own safety during welding. Make sure that you always have a good welding helmet or helmet. Also make sure that you always use welding gloves and a welding apron.

Also in our range

Lastechniek Rijnmond offers you everything you need to get started with welding. Whether it concerns hobbyists or real professionals; our range offers it all. Quickly look further for our extensive range of welding machines , welding materials and welding supplies .

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