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Welding with filled welding wire

16-05-2019 |

Filled welding wire is a tubular electrode, which is filled with flux in the core. During welding with filled welding wire, the metal and the welding arc are protected by an external shielding gas and a slag (material that can be released during a welding process). The cored wire is very suitable for welding work where achieving high welding speeds is essential.

The advantages of welding with filled filler wire

Welding with filled filler wire offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent quality
  • High welding speeds
  • Little spatter during welding

Seamless or folded welding wire

Filled welding wire is produced in 2 ways. You can opt for seamless welding wire from Italy. Or for folded welding wire from Austria or Brazil. Seamless welding wire has a coppered exterior, the welding wire with a fold does not. The difference between seamless and folded welding wire is that seamless welding wire is better suited to bad weather conditions. The seam of the folded welding wire allows water to penetrate more easily. In addition, the welding wire without seam has a lower hydrogen content and is suitable for automatic welding.

Left: seamless welding wire.
Right: folded welding wire.

The functions of the metal layer and the welding powder

Filled welding wire consists of a metal layer with flux inside the welding powder. The metal layer is responsible for the dimensional stability, electrical conductivity and about 80% of the chemical composition. The welding powder is filled with metal or rutile and is responsible, among other things, for the shape, weldability, weld appearance and slag formation.

Filled welding wire with a metal or rutile filling

Both fillings can be stacked during welding. However, a rutile fill offers a higher welding speed and is suitable for all welding positions. Another difference is that slag formation occurs with a rutile filling and not with a metal filling. The seamless and folded welding wires are both available with a metal or rutile filling.

The difference between solid and filled welding wire

Solid welding wire has a centered droplet transfer and a conical arc during welding. Filled welding wire, on the other hand, has wider droplet transfer and bell-shaped arc. This ensures better penetration, better quality and less risk of cracks. Filled welding wire is therefore more often used in welding work with high requirements. In addition, welding can be done faster with filled welding wire.

Seamless welding wire achieves the highest welding speed

The figure below shows the ratio between the number of kilos welded and the power consumption. The blue line stands for solid welding wire, the pink for folded welding wire and the blue for seamless welding wire. You will see that the fastest welding can be done with seamless welding wire. When stacking, a filled welding wire can often be welded 3 times faster than with a solid welding wire. However, more power is consumed.

Union MV 70: Cored welding wire with a metal filling

One of the metal-filled welding wires from our range is the Union MV 70 from Böhler . This welding wire has excellent mechanical properties and is suitable for welding very strong steels, from S355 to S460. The welding wire can be used with steel structures for high strength and / or low temperatures. With upward flow of oil or gas, automatic welding processes and root pass welding without backing. The Union MV 70 has an impact strength of -60 ° C.

Union RV 71: Filled welding wire with a rutile filling

One of the rutile-filled welding wires from our range is the Union RV 71 from Böhler . Just like the Union MV 70, this welding wire has excellent mechanical properties and is suitable for welding very strong steels, from S355 to S460. In addition, the welding wire is specially made for position welding. The Union RV 71 is often used for welding plates in shipbuilding. The Union RV 71 has an impact strength of -40 ° C.

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