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Migatronic CoWelder, your personal welding assistant

21-02-2020 |

The Migatronic CoWelder is the automated welding solution. In addition to providing uniform welding of a high quality, CoWelder also has a number of important benefits for the health of your employees:

  • Work posture : Routine tasks are usually accompanied by an ergonomically incorrect posture.
  • Welding smoke and direct radiation: The CoWelder is able to work independently so that your employees are less exposed to direct radiation and welding smoke.

Well-being & work attitude

The Migatronic CoWelder is ideal for performing routine tasks. These routine tasks often go hand in hand with an ergonomically incorrect posture which can lead to physical injury. Because the CoWelder will perform the routine tasks, the employees have more room for technically more complex assignments. The Migatronic CoWelder can therefore improve the working environment and relieve employees.

A Migatronic CoWelder for every project

Different CoWelder welding solutions are available in the form of packages. Depending on the complexity of the weld and the material to be welded, there is a suitable package for you. For example, the Omega 300 and Sigma Select 400 packages are suitable for MIG / MAG power sources. A package that is suitable for TIG power sources is the PI 350 AC / DC.

Omega 300 CoWelder

This compact and air-cooled inverter is ideal for performing simple MIG / MAG welding tasks. With more than 70 synergic welding programs, it is possible to find the right settings for the welding application. In addition, this package also features IGC® (Intelligent Gas Control). IGC saves gas, optimizes gas protection and improves welding quality.

CoWelder Select packages

The Sigma Select 400 is a compact inverter that is ideal for complex welding tasks. This inverter is available in an air-cooled and water-cooled variant and is equipped with the Intelligent Gas Control system. The Sigma Select series also has a wide range of functions:

  • DUO Plus: for a perfect finish
  • Sequence: a button for the perfect settings
  • Sequence Repeat: create your own bow
  • Miga Job Control: a smart digital memory
  • Migalog: register each weld
  • IGC® (Intelligent Gas Control): less gas per weld

Options for the Migatronic CoWelder

In addition to these functions, it is also possible to choose a number of options to upgrade the control panel. For example, use can be made of the options Synergic, Puls and IAC.

  • Synergic: includes a standard package of more than 50 welding programs.
  • Pulse: contains Synergic and more than 50 welding programs.
  • IAC: with the Intelligent Arc Control the melting of the first base layer is perfect so that there is a good foundation for further welding. It is possible to expand the Synergic and the Pulse program with the Intelligent Arc Control.

CoWelder TIG package solutions

This water-cooled, powerful TIG inverter is ideal for precision welding of highly alloyed materials. This inverter is equipped with a DOC® function that increases the welding speed by 30%.
CoWelder Pi 350 AC / DC has a wide range of functions:

  • Synergy Plus: a special pulse function for TIG DC welding that dynamically sets all primary pulse parameters.
  • TIG-A TACK: Make extremely small, accurate TIG-A-Tack attach without backing gas in stainless steel.
  • Pulse control panel: Submenus of the user-friendly control panel enable individual settings of the lab process.
  • CWF Multi (optional): the CWF Multi (cold wire feed) with a wire feed system with four rollers is a separate wire feed unit specially designed for installations with automatic devices.

Learn more about the Migatronic CoWelder

Questions about the Migatronic CoWelder or about the package solutions? Then contact us. We are happy to help you!

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