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Migatronic welding machines

Would you like to purchase a new Migatronic welding machine? View our wide range and find the machine that suits your use. Upon registration you will receive a 5 year manufacturer's warranty . In addition, we will arrange a free replacement Migatronic welding machine for repairs when you buy your Migatronic welding machine from us.

Types of Migatronic welding machines:
TIG welding machines | MIG/MAG welding machines | CO2 welding machines | Electrode welding machines | plasma cutters

Focus TIG 161 DC HP PFC Welder
Focus TIG 161 DC HP PFC WelderIn stock
CoWelderIn stock
Sigma select S 550 A.
Sigma select S 550 A.In stock
  • 300,000 KG in stock
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Sigma select S 400 A.
Sigma select S 400 A.In stock
Sigma select S 300 A.
Sigma select S 300 A.In stock
Sigma select C 550 A
Sigma select C 550 AIn stock
  • 300,000 KG in stock
  • Largest Böhler dealer
  • Response within 2 hours
  • Permanent contact person
Sigma select C 400 A.
Sigma select C 400 A.In stock
Sigma select C 300 A.
Sigma select C 300 A.In stock

Migatronic welding machines for results

If you choose a Migatronic welding machine, you choose results. The machines contain the latest technological advances, to achieve the highest possible result during welding. Migatronic's welding machines are known for their reliability and quality.

Green for a very responsible choice

The recognizable green of Migatronic means much more to the company than just the color of the Migatronic welding machines. By setting high standards for sustainable production and use of the machines, you ensure yourself of a green welding machine. 96% of the materials in Migatronic products are recyclable.

Lower power and gas consumption when welding

Not only the materials are sustainable. A Migatronic welding machine is also in use. By offering a high welding quality with less heat input, you will quickly notice that your electricity and gas consumption decreases with these machines.

Migatronic wants to make welding easy

Migatronic is one of the world's largest suppliers of welding equipment . With a head office in Denmark, the supplier sells welding machines in more than 40 countries. Migatronic's mission: to make welding easy. This by developing intelligent technologies for manual and automated welding.

Migatronic welding machines competitively priced

At Lastechniek Rijnmond you can count on a competitive price for your Migatronic welding machine. We can make this possible because we buy in bulk and because we have set up our organization in such a way that we have minimal overhead costs.

Receive no less than 5 years factory warranty

Because we want the best for our customers, you benefit from a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, when registered. If your Migatronic welding machine requires repair within the first 5 years, we will arrange a replacement welding machine free of charge.

Read the conditions for the 5-year factory warranty here

Response to your request within 2 hours

Would you like to apply for a Migatronic welding machine or do you have any questions? Please contact us. We are happy to help you! You will receive a response from us within just 2 hours. Ordering on account is possible because we trust our customers.

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