Welding electrodes

Lastechniek Rijnmond guarantees the lowest price and fast delivery with a stock of 300,000 kg of welding materials. Our welding electrodes are always delivered including certificates and meet the highest quality requirements.

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Lincoln SUPRA 6013 (2.5 x 350 mm)In stock
Lincoln SUPRA 6013 (3.25 x 350 mm)In stock
Lincoln SUPRA 6013 (4 x 350 mm)In stock
Lincoln BASO 100 (2.5 x 350 mm)In stock
Lincoln BASO 100 (3.25 x 350 mm)In stock
Böhler PHOENIX 6013 (2.5 x 350 mm) Welding electrodeIn stock
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Always the best price at Lastechniek Rijnmond

We use the lowest price of the market for welding electrodes. We can do this by buying in bulk. If you want to benefit from this, please do an application based on annual consumption . You are not attached to anything, but will be amazed at the price for which we deliver.

The options for welding electrodes

In our range of welding electrodes you can choose between basic electrodes, cellulose electrodes and rutile electrodes. They all have their own application and characteristics. An explanation per type of welding electrode:

  • Rutile welding electrodes

The rutile welding electrodes are very user-friendly and can be used with many welding machines . Most rutile electrodes are also suitable for downward vertical welding. The slow-flowing rutile electrodes are the only ones that are not suitable for this.

  • Basic welding electrodes

The basic welding electrodes can be used in all positions for a nice welding result. The welding appearance is somewhat rougher than with rutile electrodes, the welding electrodes also require a slightly more experienced welder. Be careful with the storage of these electrodes; they are very sensitive to moisture and drafts. Good packaging is therefore essential. Naturally, we take this into account and our welding electrodes are packaged very well.

  • Cellulose welding electrodes

These welding electrodes are widely used in downward welding. The welding arc is relatively fierce, which also creates a slightly rougher weld appearance. The wires are less suitable for use in other welding positions. The electrodes tend to splash a lot and lead to very rough weld appearance.

Lowest price guarantee and fast delivery

At Lastechniek Rijnmond we guarantee the lowest price. If you can find a better deal somewhere, we will gladly make it to your next order. With our stock of 300,000 kg we go for the lowest price and fast delivery. Order today, delivered to you tomorrow.

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