Filled welding wire

Filled welding wire is an excellent option when you want to weld MIG without having to use a separate gas cylinder with protective gas. Do you want top quality filled welding wire for a bottom price? It is possible at Lastechniek Rijnmond! Make a price request based on your annual consumption .

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71R (1.2 mm)In stock
70M (1.2 mm)In stock
Böhler UNION RV 71 (1.0 mm) Filled welding wireIn stock
Böhler UNION RV 71 (1.2 mm) Filled welding wireIn stock
Böhler UNION TG 55 M (1.2 mm) Filled welding wireIn stock
Böhler UNION RV Ni 1 (1.2 mm) Filled welding wireIn stock
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Filled welding wire

Filled welding wire is a solution when you want to weld MIG but you do not want to use a separate glass bottle with protective glass. What exactly is filled welding wire? It is a hollow wire filled with a material that takes over the function of the protective gas during welding. For these functions, think of deoxidizing the molten bath, applying a protective slag layer, optimizing the arc and many other functions. It must be said that the quality of a weld with filled wire is often lower than a weld with separate protective gas. However, for simple welding tasks this does not have to be a problem at all.

Do not pay too much for your filled welding wire!

Because we are used to buying in large volumes, you can count on considerable discounts. Large purchase can run up to 20% extra discount. Avoid paying too much for filled welding rods and submit your price request to Lastechniek Rijnmond . With us you will find welding wires filled with rutile filled welding wires and metal powder .

Supply of filled welding wire with certification

Our filled welding wire is developed and produced in accordance with the strictest quality conditions. Böhler brand products are also guaranteed to be safe and reliable because our production units meet a high level of quality and our processes have been certified accordingly. All production locations are certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008, the most current standard.

Filled welding wire ordered today, delivered tomorrow

On site we have a stock of more than 300,000 kg of welding material, including an extensive stock of filled welding wire. Because of this stock we are able to deliver quickly. If you order in our webshop today, your order will be on your doorstep tomorrow.

Order on account

We trust our customers! Therefore, it is possible to order filled welding wire on bill. Could your order be cheaper? We settle the difference with your next order by giving a discount and you will receive a gift for the inconvenience.

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