Migatronic welding machine

All Migatronic welding machines have a 2-year warranty . In addition, we arrange a replacement Migatronic welding machine for free during the first 5 years when you buy your Migatronic welding machine. And then we also offer a lowest price guarantee on all Migatronic welding machines

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Migatronic welding machines

If you opt for a Migatronic welding machine, choose the result. The machines contain the latest technological delights. With this they are praised for their reliability.

Responsible choice

The recognizable green of Migatronic means much more for the company as just the color of the devices. By setting high demands on sustainable production and use of the machines you ensure yourself of a green welding machine. 96% of the materials in Migatronic products are recyclable.

Lower electricity and gas consumption

Not only the materials are durable. The Migatronic welding machines are also in use. By offering high welding quality with less heat input, you will soon notice that your power and gas consumption decreases when welding.

Lowest price guarantee at Lastechniek Rijnmond

At Lastechniek Rijnmond you can count on a lowest price guarantee. You will also receive a 2-year guarantee when purchasing a Migatronic welding machine. In order to be of further service to you, we offer a free replacement welding machine for repair on all our Migatronic welding machines for the first 5 years.

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