Böhler Welding welding wire

The welding wires from Böhler Welding are known for their excellent quality. Do you want to get started with Böhler welding wire? Lastechniek Rijnmond offers the lowest price guarantee. Make an application based on your annual consumption . You will be amazed at what you can save with us.

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Böhler PHOENIX 6013 (2.5 x 350 mm) Welding electrodeIn stock
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Lowest price guarantee

We purchase our welding wire very sharply. We trade in large volumes, so we can achieve great benefits. You benefit from that. You pay considerably less for welding wire without compromising on quality.

Fast delivery of Böhler welding wire

With us you never make it happen that we do not have your welding wire in stock. Because of our stock of more than 300,000 kg of welding materials , we are able to deliver very quickly. So you do not have to worry and your company's production never stops because of a shortage of welding wire.

Delivery with certification

The branded products from Böhler Welding are guaranteed to be safe and reliable because our production units meet a high quality level and our processes are certified accordingly. All production locations are certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008, the most current standard.

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