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What is the difference between MIG and MAG welding?

18-05-2021 |

The difference between MIG and MAG welding is the type of shielding gas. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. MAG for Metal Active Gas. An inert gas (MIG) is a gas that does not actively react with the melting tape. Like argon and helium. In contrast to an inert gas, an active gas (MAG) does react with the melting strip. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an active gas. That is why MAG welding is also called CO2.

Is MIG/MAG welding one welding technique?

The shielding gas to be used therefore determines whether you are going to weld MIG or MAG. Yet it is seen as one welding technique. This is because apart from the gas, the welding process is exactly the same. With MIG/MAG welding, a gas cylinder is used for the supply of the gas. Do you want to weld MIG/MAG without a gas bottle? This is possible by means of a gas-filled welding wire.

How does the welding technique work?

With MIG/MAG welding, the welding machine supplies a constant voltage. This constant voltage creates an electric plasma arc between the welding wire and the materials to be welded. The materials are heated and melt together. The melting welding wire serves as an electrode during the welding process, but also as an additive material. This allows you to work a lot faster than with TIG welding.

Image: MIG welding

What materials can you weld with it?

MIG/MAG welding is suitable for all types of materials. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum can all be welded using the welding technique. Welding of two different types of materials is also possible with MIG/MAG welding. Are you going to work with aluminum? Keep in mind that you are using a welding machine with a pulse function. This is to weld in a controlled manner without the top layer burning.

Which MIG/MAG welding machines are there?

Several welding machines are suitable for welding technology. Migatronic has two series of MIG/MAG welding machines in its range: Migatronic Sigma Select and Migatronic Automig . Do you often work on location? There are two separate welding machines popular among MIG/MAG welders:

Video: Migatronic Sigma Select

Which MIG/MAG welding wires are there?

There are also several welding wires suitable for MIG/MAG welding. All CO2 welding wires and filled welding wires can be used in welding technology. Two types of MIG/MAG welding wires are most popular among welders:

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