What is CO2 welding?

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As the name 'CO2 welding' suggests, carbon dioxide is used in this welding process. Another term for CO2 welding is MAG welding. In an earlier blog about the difference between MIG and MAG welding, we already wrote that carbon dioxide is an active gas in this welding process. This is because, in contrast to inert gas (MIG welding), the gas reacts with the atmosphere in the vicinity of the welding process and reacts with the weld pool.

What is the difference between CO2 and MIG welding?

The advantage of CO2 welding is that it is a relatively cheap welding process. CO2 is a cheap shielding gas. Apart from the shielding gas, there is no difference between CO2/MAG welding and MIG welding. The welding process is exactly the same. The same welding machine can be used in both welding processes. It is good to take into account the fact that CO2 welding is not suitable for welding inert metals. Also called precious metals. This is because the materials do not react to the effect of other substances such as active gases.

How does the CO2 welding process work?

With CO2 welding, a gas cylinder is used for the supply of the active gas. However, it is also possible to weld CO2 by means of a gas-filled welding wire. During welding, a welding wire is fed by means of a welding torch towards the weld pool of the workpiece to be welded. The welding wire melts and melts together with the molten pool that is created during welding. The molten pool is actually the molten metal. Partly created by the melting of the starting material, the material that is being welded.

During the cooling of the weld pool, a strong welded joint is created

During CO2 welding, the welding machine supplies a constant voltage. This constant voltage creates a short-circuit arc between the welding wire and the materials to be welded. The short circuit creates a high temperature between the welding torch and the workpiece due to the short circuit. This causes the welding edges to melt. Together with the welding wire , the welding edges form the weld pool. On cooling, the molten bath hardens. A strong welded connection is created.

Which CO2 welding wires and welding machines are there?

In our range you will find an extensive range of CO2 welding wires and CO2 welding machines . For this welding process we advise you to use our own TM SG2 welding wire . Available on reels of 5 and 15 kilos. Available from stock with 3.1 certificate, valid CE NR: 0035-CPR-C943 and TUV approval NR:19603.00 The 15 kilo reel has a steel core with the welding wire. Do you use welding robots? We can also supply TM SG2 welding wire in drums of 250 and 450 kilos.

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