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About us

About us

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As a wholesaler we have thought carefully about what we can do for you. We have more than 40 years of experience, but that is only valuable if we are the best choice for you today and tomorrow. It's all about your advantage!

1. Enough minimum margins

We go for as much volume as possible. This allows us to realize scale and keep your prices as low as possible. Our starting point: much for little is more than anything for nothing. Your advantage: you never pay too much.

2. Quick switching

Ask us a question and we will immediately start working on it. Waiting is no longer of this time. You have to go further and we also do. Would you like to check today whether you are well with your current supplier? Request a quotation and get our proposal within 24 hours. Your advantage: you can continue with your other work.

3. Security for deliveries

Our customers like to keep their stock as small as possible. In this way you put minimum of money and save your space. As a result, the requirements set to us as wholesalers are higher. We keep stock for you. This allows us to deliver extremely fast. Your advantage: you save on stock

4. Order as you wish

every person is different. What works for one person is a disaster for the other. With us you can order as you like best. 24 hours a day via our webshop or rather by telephone or fax. however you pass on your order you will always receive an order confirmation. At the back we have automated our process as much as possible so that we can simply do more with fewer people. Your advantage: quickly ordering without hassle.

5. Personal contact

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Where previously customers were waiting for a salesperson, people now find it a burden. We also believe in personal contact in this new world, but in a different way. Our salesman is there for advice when you need it. No unnecessary cups of coffee, but a guy with a sense of welding. So you can also use our man as an external welding coordinator, but also just call when you have a question. Your advantage: knowledge on call.

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