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Migatronic CoWelder, your personal welding assistant

21-02-2020 | The Migatronic CoWelder is the new automated welding solution that saves your work. The CoWelder supplies high-quality, constant welds that ensure increased efficiency. The Migatronic CoWelder can be set up and programmed easily by using the templates. Read on for more information!

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Böhler's renamed welding wires and price change

19-11-2019 | Böhler Welding has renamed products. This creates a new product line and different types of welding wires are combined as one type of welding wire. In addition, the brand is also implementing a price change. Read on for more information!

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The benefits of our own TM SG2 welding wire

10-10-2019 | In our assortment SG2 welding wire, you will find our own TM SG 2 welding wire. A universal welding wire with good copper plating and available in 3 sizes. Now I hear you thinking: but why should I choose TM SG2 welding wire? Read on for more information!

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Everything you need to know about Böhler SG 2

25-09-2019 | Böhler SG 2 is a universal copper-plated SG 2 welding wire. Suitable for MAG welding of unlearned steels. The welding wire is known for its excellent running properties, stable arc and low spatter loss. Read on for more information!

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Why is Lincoln Supra so popular?

20-08-2019 | The Lincoln Supra is the most widely used rutile electrode in the world. It is the counterpart of the comparable Böhler AWS E6013. But why is this welding electrode so popular? Read on for more information!

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